Skin Care Secrets: No One Ever Says “I Wish I Started Later!”

Skin Care Secrets: No One Ever Says “I Wish I Started Later!”

Jul '17

We begin worrying about our appearance before we’re out of elementary school, but for many of us, getting serious about skin care doesn’t start until much later in life. You don’t have to wait to look great – and it turns out it’s much better if you don’t! Want to get a jump start on “There’s no way she’s 50!”? Here’s what you need to do now:

Have a Smart Daily Skin Care Routine

Everyone needs to regularly cleanse and moisturize their face. Because skin types and textures vary so much, it’s well worth the time to get a personal consultation and identify the right products for your particular complexion. SkinCenter offers an array of skin care products for every skin type. A smart daily skin routine will be tailored to address individual concerns like acne or rosacea. Augment your smart daily skin care routine by protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure and keeping hydrated.

Encourage Natural Collagen Production

Fine lines and wrinkles form because the body naturally loses collagen – the protein that helps keep the skin youthful and smooth – over the course of time and from sun exposure. Lines and wrinkles can form anywhere on your face, but they’re the most common around your eyes, on the forehead, around your nose, and framing your smile.

For more than a decade now, physicians have been using hyaluronic acid (HA) to treat wrinkles, restore lost volume and youthful facial contours. HA works by binding to the water in the skin, locking in moisture and restoring volume. Research has found that HA also stimulates the body’s natural mechanism for collagen production.

Taking a proactive approach and treating fine lines and wrinkles with HA fillers before they become pronounced has proven to be an effective way to look your best. Restylayne Lyft and the Juvederm family of products top injectable fillers with HA as an active ingredient. Newer HA fillers to the market include Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne each designed to treat different areas of the face.

There is evidence that shows people who begin to use injectable fillers earlier tend to require fewer treatments to maintain a radiant complexion for a prolonged period of time. The reason for this is two-fold: earlier treatment addresses fine lines and wrinkles before they become pronounced. Second, the fact that fillers stimulate the natural collagen production mechanism means that fine lines and wrinkles don’t reappear quickly.

Is It The Right Time To Start Using Fillers?

If you’re the sort of person who likes to plan ahead and address issues when they’re small concerns rather than big problems, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with one of SkinCenter’s expert physicians or Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists. Consider whether a personalized skin routine that includes using fillers for preventative maintenance is right for you. Schedule your session today!

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