The 3 Must Have Skin Care Habits for a Fantastic Complexion

The 3 Must Have Skin Care Habits for a Fantastic Complexion

Jan '16

January is the time when many of us begin anew the journey to our happiest, healthiest selves. New exercise routines, diets, and the commitment to do more reading and less reality TV watching all sound like really great ideas – and they are!

But don’t forget about your skin care – especially as we’re starting to see winter arrive for real here in Westchester. There are 3 must-have skin care habits you need to stick to for your best possible complexion. Here they are:

Cover Up: Cold winds and dry winter air are a tough combination. Protect your skin by minimizing direct exposure to the elements, particularly when the temperatures are below freezing. Scarves and hats are more than fashion accessories – they’re your first line of defense against skin damage. This is especially true if you’re skiing, running, or engaged in other activities that have you outdoors for a long period of time. One more thing – don’t forget the sunscreen: you’re still vulnerable to sun damage even when it’s cold!

Exfoliate: The joyous – and stressful! – holiday season is over. Help your skin recover from that busy, activity-filled time with a relaxing exfoliation session. Microdermabrasion feels so good and it refreshes the look of your skin: there’s no wonder it’s one of our clients’ favorite treatments. Need serious stress relief? Peels leave you fresh faced and ready to take on the world. In the mood for some serious pampering? Treat yourself to a luxurious SkinCenter Signature Facial. Save 50% before January 15th!

Moisturize: Moisturizing daily is an essential skin care habit. Moisturizers restore lost moisture to the skin – hence the name – and they can help smooth rough and flaky skin. Important all year round, moisturizing becomes especially vital during the dry winter months. Regular moisturizing has been proven to slow the rate at which one forms wrinkles. It also feels great! SkinCenter offers a superb line of skin care products to suit every skin type. Request a consultation with a SkinCenter team member to develop a product plan that works best for you.

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