No Tricks! 6 Ways to Treat Your Skin

No Tricks! 6 Ways to Treat Your Skin

Oct '17

Some Halloween parties are for kids, others are for adults. Whether your Halloween party is more focused on candy or cocktails, you’ll want to look boo-tiful. That means having a clear complexion, with smooth, supple skin free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Some people are a little scared of Westchester skin care treatments, but there’s nothing to worry about when you treat yourself to a SkinCenter visit. Our team of expert physicians, board certified aesthetic nurse specialist, and licensed aestheticians are friendly and experienced. They answer all your questions, use only the very best technology, and make your safety and comfort their top priority.

6 Westchester Skin Care Treats to Book Before Halloween

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Everybody knows that Halloween is not exactly all about the nutrition – did you know that candy corn is technically NOT a vegetable? – but you still need to commit to staying hydrated for the sake of your skin. Take in at least 8 cups of liquid per day, at least half of which should be water. Skip the soda: the caffeine and sugar can play havoc with your skin’s texture and appearance.

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #2: Discover DermaL Pen

If you have fine lines or wrinkles, acne scarring, or uneven skin texture, now is the time to discover DermaL Pen. DermaL Pen is used to make your complexion smooth and even. Very tiny needles in the pen creating micro-injuries to the Epidermis (outer layer of skin) and Dermis (the inner layer of skin). These micro-injuries encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself. This means that DermaL Pen tends to trick the skin to produce collagen and elastin to promote ‘healing’ and the effect will be a rejuvenated skin. Skin nourishing products are applied before and after the procedure, which means you get great results on an accelerated timeline.

Want to learn more? Book your free, no-obligation consultation now.

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #3: Try the SkinCenter Signature Facial

We have to warn you: the SkinCenter Signature Facial is luxurious, relaxing, and absolutely addicting. Having some time for yourself while your complexion is treated to an individually crafted feast of nourishing moisturizing products means you wind up feeling and looking great. This is the perfect way to have a me-timeor recharging your batteries after a last-minute search for the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #4: About That Halloween Candy…

We understand that any candy you eat is candy the kids don’t eat, and we applaud your commitment to keeping their teeth healthy. Moderation is important though, and you’ll want to be selective about which confections you choose. For example, did you know that dark chocolate contains flavonols that have been clinically shown to help your skin protect itself from sunburn, redness and other signs of UV damage?

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #5: The Magic of Micro-Needling

Do you think the word ‘needle’ is scary? Micro-Needling is an extremely effective procedure that smooths the skin – but it’s been saddled with a name that can make some people nervous. The needles in question are so amazingly tiny; they go over the surface of your skin to stimulate the underlying collagen. Micro-needling treatment can be targeted with pinpoint precision, or used to address skin texture concerns over larger areas. One of SkinCenter’s favorite treatments for clients who want impressive results with minimal downtime.

Halloween Boo-ty Tip #6: Chemical Peels – No Mad Scientist Required!

Say goodbye to blackheads, acne, sun damage, and other skin texture concerns by enjoying a chemical peel. There are several types of peels available at SkinCenter, including Jessner’s, AHA, BHA, and TCA peels. Each one is formulated to address a specific condition, and delivers impressive, lasting results. Chemical Peels can be used in combination with other Westchester skin care treatments, including microdermabrasion, depending on your goals. Schedule your session and get one step closer to boo-tiful skin today.

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