How Do Snow Bunnies Have Such Great Skin?

How Do Snow Bunnies Have Such Great Skin?

Dec '15

Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are one of the best parts of the snowy season. They’re all a great workout, tons of fun, and provide a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends. But the cold winds, dry air and frigid temperatures can all be really tough on the complexion. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you stay looking great before, during, and after your day on the slopes:

Moisturize Aggressively: Moisturizing is a vital part of skin care, but it becomes especially essentially when you know your skin will be exposed to dry air and wind – the typical ski slope environment! Talk to your skin care specialist for individualized product recommendations based upon your plans: it’ll help keep your skin looking radiant no matter what adventures you get into.

Don’t Skip The Sunscreen: We think about sunscreen in the summer, but it’s just as important in the winter. When you’re outdoors, you’re not only exposed to the ambient sunlight, but UV rays that are reflected off of nearby ice and snow. Sun damage can result in your skin looking rough, discolored, and tired. If this has happened to you, talk to your skin care specialist about treatment with the IPL Laser; it’s an excellent way to get results and get your radiant complexion back.

Cover Up: We know, you want everyone to see you smiling as you go down that double-black-diamond. But it’s better for your skin (and much more comfortable!) if you cover as much of your face as possible. Remember, when you’re skiing, you’re moving pretty fast (even if you’re just trying the bunny slope!) and that means you’re in the wind. Protecting your face from this exposure also lessens the chances of developing frostbite, which can happen fairly quickly on a very chilly day.

Exfoliate: Treat yourself to a relaxing and results-oriented SkinCenter microdermabrasion. Gentle suction and tiny abrasive crystals are used in combination to successfully slough away the winter-damaged top layer of your skin. Once those gray, exhausted skin cells are cleared away you’ll have a radiant, fresh face to show the world. It’s refreshing and confidence boosting. Request your session today.

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