Three Ways To Let Your Complexion Know You Care!

Three Ways To Let Your Complexion Know You Care!

Feb '17

February brings us Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate all kinds of love. Your skin plays a huge role in how you look and feel. You want to make sure your complexion is getting its share of love. Nurturing, rejuvenating treatments nourish and replenish the skin – and let’s be real, by February, winter winds and chilly temperatures have left lots of us with dry, tired looking complexions.

When you love the skin you’re in, it shows! High quality skin care begins by taking care of your face every single day. If you’re not sure what products you should be using, come see us. We stock a variety of tested, high-performance skin care products right here at SkinCenter, and our knowledgeable, licensed aestheticians can tell you what each one does and help you choose the ones that would be right for your beauty needs. And remember high cost is no guarantee of a quality product.

Facials Are Fantastic

For a restorative, rejuvenating experience, you’ll want to try one of our Signature Facials. This popular beauty treatment is one of the reasons our clients keep selecting us for Best of Westchester! We customize our facials to address your skin care needs and concerns. Whether your face is dry, oily or whether anti-aging or acne are your concerns, we have the right treatment. You won’t believe how good your skin looks and feels. Everything takes place in our relaxing setting. Leave your worries and stress behind for a little while and just breathe. Truly the perfect way to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day!

Going Above and Beyond

For those looking for a more dramatic result, the DermaL Pen is for you. This amazing technology works by creating tiny channels in the skin to which the body responds by initiating a natural healing process resulting in greatly improved skin texture, reduction of acne scars, pigmentation and more. The tiny channels allow for mega product absorption so the right product is essential. The best part? DermaL Pen is one of our February specials. You’ll love the savings! Call for details.

Laser Hair Removal = Love!

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes winter in Westchester and southern Connecticut. Before you know it, we’ll be able to put all of our winter clothes away and get into fashions that show a little more skin. That makes this the ideal time to have laser hair removal. Using the power of light, even the most stubborn hairs can be eliminated or reduced from your body and face. The effects are long lasting and you’ll love the boost of confidence that comes from knowing unwanted upper lip and chin hairs are gone for good. Laser hair reduction leaves legs and armpits silky smooth – and believe us, you won’t miss shaving!

Thermage for a Tighter, Youthful Look

Weight loss can result in sagging skin throughout the body, and on your face. Time takes a toll too, which can leave you with folds or jowls that just need to go. If you thought plastic surgery was your only option, we have good news for you. Thermage tightens and smooths the skin using radio frequency waves, which builds collagen. This means no surgery, with minimal downtime and recovery. The results are natural- looking and treatment is minimally-invasive, which makes it easy to truly love the skin you’re in. See if you are a candidate by scheduling a complementary consultation with a SkinCenter expert physician.

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