What Do You Look Like When You Wake Up?

What Do You Look Like When You Wake Up?

Dec '16

59% of Millennials Say Competition is What Gets Them Out of Bed in the Morning

In 2020 – 4 short years from now – Millennials will represent 40% of the workforce. The Pew Research Center reported in April that people between the ages of 18 and 34 now outnumber everyone else.

Getting a great job has always been competitive. Millennials are widely regarded as natural collaborators and have an edge because they’ve grown up in the digital era. On the other hand, Baby Boomers and Generation Xers can bring experience and hard-won expertise to the table. Hiring managers have a tough decision to make when they need to fill a position. Sometimes it comes down to simply choosing the person who looks like the best fit for the job.

The Confident, Capable Complexion: Understanding What The Interviewer Sees

Dr. Alexa Kimball, professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School led the groundbreaking skin care “Multi-Decade and Ethnicity Study” that identified the changes that occur in peoples’ skin as they age.

Each decade presents its own challenges. Members of the Millennial generation experience the stoppage of the body’s natural antioxidant production, as well as a slowdown of the metabolism. “Gen Xers” are in the throes of cellular senescence – a transition period where the body doesn’t retain moisture well, hylaronic acid levels drop and collagen is no longer as plentiful within the body. Older Gen Xers and Baby Boomers experience menopause, and the skin barrier weakens, resulting in thinner, dryer skin on the face and body. All of this coupled with exposure to free radicals takes its toll on the skin.

Sun Damage, Age Spots and Facial Hair Work Against You

Our youth-oriented society associates being younger with attributes like energy, creativity and flexibility. Therefore, there is a natural bias toward youthfulness in the workplace. Most interviewers know that they’re not supposed to ask an applicant how old they are, provided they’re at least 18. Your appearance can answer the question they want to ask but can’t. Sagging skin, wrinkles or liver spots will reveal that you may in fact be older than other people vying for the same position. Other telltale signs include age spots on your hands, sagging neck skin as well as facial hair, particularly above the lip, on the cheeks and chin.

Experience Means Knowing Every Problem Has A Solution

If there’s one thing Baby Boomers and Gen Xers know from firsthand experience, it’s that the outcome of any situation can be altered by the actions we choose to take. There are proven, reliable, safe treatments available that can counter the effects of aging on your skin. Neuromodulators such as Dysport work to lessen or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. Injectable fillers such as Restyane and Voluma restore lost volume in the face, smooth creases and improve facial contours. Sagging skin can be tightened with Thermalift on virtually any part of the face or body. Laser treatments represent the gold standard of care for sun damaged skin and unwanted hair to name a few with effective, long lasting results.

The best way to learn about the myriad options available to give you a competitive edge is through an individual consultation with a Westchester physician who specializes in cosmetic treatments only. Look for a provider who offers the highest quality like those at SkinCenter which has won the Best of Westchester award 10 years in a row. With the best qualifications like a board certified plastic surgeon who runs our AAASF accredited Operating Room and a Cosmetic Nurse injector with the C.A.N.S. certification, SkinCenter is second to none when it comes to aesthetic interventions.

It is absolutely possible to have a youthful appearance that reflects your experience, energy and confidence! Find out more by scheduling your consultation with SkinCenter today.

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