What’s the Buzz About Blue Light Treatment for Adult Acne? 

What’s the Buzz About Blue Light Treatment for Adult Acne? 

Jun '19

If you’ve perused Instagram lately, chances are you’ve come across one or two images of skin care advocates and beauty bloggers sporting what looks like a space-invader mask. Nine times out of ten, these posts are promoting blue light treatment for adult acne.  

 Contrary to popular belief, the blue light spectrum applies to more than just computer screens, smart phones, and other digital devices. So, what’s all this buzz about blue light treatment for adult acne? Let’s find out… 

How does blue light treatment work?

Blue light technology is a form of photodynamic therapy that uses the blue light spectrum to destroy acne-causing bacteria. The spectrum of blue light infiltrates deep within the skin’s pores and hair follicles. As such, the light kills the bacteria that causes inflammatory acne by breaking down its metabolism.

Acne-causing bacteria are incredibly sensitive to the blue light spectrum—as it shuts down the bacteria’s metabolism and destroys it completely. 

Can blue light treatment work for me?

Blue light treatment for acne is a successful treatment option for many. Especially those who suffer from occasional outbreaks but find that spot treatments excessively dry up their skin. Both men and women with adult acne can receive treatment. Moreover, blue light technology may be used on areas of the body other than the face. Treatment can be applied to the chest, neck, and back—wherever the skin experiences inflammatory acne. 

Blue light treatment is a safe, gentle, and scientific way to get to the root of what’s causing your adult acne. Treatment works to improve the skin’s texture, tone and clarity. What’s more, it achieves effective results for a wide variety of skin tones.

What can I expect during treatment?

Blue light therapy may be paired with other therapies like prescription medication and our skin care products for a safe,  and effective, treatment program. Treatment is quick and easy with no downtime—making it the perfect treatment to receive during your lunch break! 

With all the at-home blue light devices available, why receive blue light treatment from SkinCenter?

Though blue light treatment is regarded as generally safe, there is a small risk of burns if not administered correctly. To treat your skin safely and bring forth the best results, SkinCenter recommends that all therapies are supervised by a physician.  

Our expert team of physicians, board-certified aesthetic nurse specialists and NYS licensed aestheticians merge medical science with their deep understanding of beauty, and are equipped to administer treatment to suit your unique needs. That’s what we call the SkinCenter difference. 

Want to learn more about what Blue Light can do for your acne-prone skin? Contact us to schedule your confidential consultation today!

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