Let Your Skin Bloom with Confidence: Laser Genesis with XEO Laser

Let Your Skin Bloom with Confidence: Laser Genesis with XEO Laser

Nov '18

Are you interested in preventing the signs of premature aging and want your skin to maintain its youthful glow? Then you’ll want to know about Laser Genesis. This procedure stimulates the body’s natural processes to promote vibrant, healthy looking skin. As effective as Laser Genesis treatment is, it’s even more powerful when performed by our new, state-of-the-art XEO Laser. Continue reading below to learn more about Laser Genesis with XEO.

Understanding Collagen Production

Laser Genesis is particularly effective at spurring the body’s natural collagen production systems into action. Everybody’s collagen production slows down over the course of time, but some people’s collagen production begins to slow down sooner than others. There are a number of reasons this can happen, including the stress levels you’re exposed to, pollution in your environment, and whether your lifestyle allows you to enjoy proper amounts of sleep and good nutrition. When collagen levels diminish, fine lines and wrinkles form. There can be changes in your skin’s appearance and texture. Laser Genesis treatment gently restores your natural, youthful complexion.

XEO Laser’s “Laser Genesis” Treatment Diffuses Redness & Rosacea

A common beauty concern is having red areas on the face, including the persistent patchy redness of rosacea. XEO Laser Genesis feels like a gentle warmth on the surface of your skin – a sensation many of our patients have described as calming and relaxing. Some results are immediately visible, with most people needing to a few sessions to realize the best effect.

This gentle heat helps the complexion in two ways. Stimulating collagen production while soothing dilated capillaries– the blood vessels responsible for the reddened appearance of the skin– is a powerful combination that results in a smoother, tauter complexion. You’ll look younger and feel fantastic.

Laser Genesis treatment with SkinCenter’s XEO Laser requires no special prep, although you won’t want to wear makeup to your treatment. Afterward, you’ll be able to go back to your normal routine without interruption. If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, wearing sunscreen is a good idea.

Is Laser Genesis with XEO Right for You?

SkinCenter offers all of our clientele an individualized approach to skin care. That means that while we’re confident in Laser Genesis treatment with XEO, we can’t tell you if it’s the best treatment for your beauty concerns until we see you in person. Schedule your private consultation today.

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