Best Arm Lift

Best Arm Lift

May '13

Obama’s Arm Race: The Quest for Beautiful Biceps

First Lady Michelle Obama has won lots of praise for her sense of style and poise. One feature in particular – her well-toned upper arms – are so popular that increasing numbers of women are embracing Westchester cosmetic surgery so they too can have the fabulous, fit look.

Westchester Arm Lift: For A Tight, Toned Look

You can spend thousands of hours in the gym and still never have arms that look like Michelle Obama’s. The reason is simple. Every person is individual, with a unique combination of genetics and physiology. Our family and cultural heritage plays a huge role in the appearance of the upper arm. It’s difficult – almost impossible – to overcome the impact of your genetics on your own. Westchester cosmetic surgery is your best bet to get the look that you want!

It’s entirely possible to work out every day and not get the arms you want. That’s because we don’t all respond to exercise the same way. If you’re frustrated that your work outs just aren’t giving you the tight, toned look you’re aiming for, the arm lift procedure could be for you.

An arm lift – also known as a brachioplasty – is a safe, minimally invasive procedure used to remove stubborn pockets of upper arm fat and tighten loose skin, resulting in sexy, shapely arms. We’ve found two groups of women choosing this Westchester cosmetic surgery treatment: those who have always been fit yet are plagued by one or two persistent fatty areas that just won’t go away or those who have lost a significant amount of weight and have loose upper arm skin as a result.

Is An Arm Lift Right For You?

An arm lift can result in tighter, toned upper arms – a great, fashion-friendly look you’ll love. For the best results, you’ll want to choose a Westchester cosmetic surgery expert with many years of experience, who has done this procedure many, many times. You’ll find this doctor at the SkinCenter, conveniently located in Westchester County. For those who’d like to improve the upper arm look without the surgical procedure, we offer minimally invasive treatments, such as Thermage to effectively tighten the under arm area.

Schedule your consultation today. A member of the SkinCenter team will meet with you to discuss your concerns and go over treatment options with you. There’s no obligation, and we’ll be happy to answer alsl of your questions. You can win the arms race – when you choose SkinCenter!