How to Get Sexy, Smooth, Touchable-Skin in Time for Winter Break with XEO Glide

How to Get Sexy, Smooth, Touchable-Skin in Time for Winter Break with XEO Glide

Nov '19

Heading somewhere warm for a winter vacation? Warm-weather vacation destinations call for more skin-revealing clothes like shorts, dresses, and swimsuits. If you suffer from the all-too-common complications of waxing, plucking, and/or shaving— such as cuts, razor burn, stubborn ingrown hairs, or even infection— you’re probably anxious at the mere thought of sporting warm-weather fashions around friends, family, or a romantic partner. Fortunately, SkinCenter is here to save the day with our client-favorite XEO Laser Hair Removal treatment! Keep reading to learn why hair removal with SkinCenter’s XEO Laser is the perfect option for removing unwanted hair on the face and body, just in time for winter break…

Sexy, Smooth, Touchable-Skin Can Be Your Reality

Shaving, waxing and plucking unwanted hair on the face and body are time-consuming hair removal routines. What’s more, these hair removal methods can miss stubborn hairs, and often lead to razor burn, ingrown hair, skin infections and more.

Enter: XEO Laser Hair Removal. This hair removal treatment eliminates even the most stubborn facial and body hair, while simultaneously exiling pesky stubble and banishing unsightly ingrown hairs. XEO is suitable for use from head to toe; including the face, legs, underarms, breasts, bikini area, and more!

XEO Laser Hair Removal: Safe for Tanned Skin

Though UV tanning beds are dangerous for the skin’s health, many people will visit their local tanning salon prior to takeoff in efforts to appear less pale for those first few days of vacation. Unfortunately, the majority of laser and light technologies alter the pigmentation of tanned skin—and therefore are deemed for skin that has experienced a significant amount of sun exposure prior to treatment.

However, the XEO Laser is the exception to the rule. XEO is the first high-powered laser for hair removal that can be safely and effectively used on tanned and darker skin. This means you can still receive laser hair removal treatment from SkinCenter if you’ve recently tanned your skin!

Want to Be Hair-Free for Winter Break? Schedule Your Appointment for 2 Weeks Prior to Takeoff!

If your goal is to be hair-free in time for your winter break getaway, our experts suggest booking your first laser hair removal treatment approximately two weeks prior to takeoff. This is because two weeks is almost exactly the length of time it takes for your hair to shed after being deactivated at the follicle.

Head into your warm-weather destination with sexy, smooth, touchable skin— ready to soak up the sun and confidently sport whatever skin-baring fashions your heart desires!

Get sexy, smooth, irresistibly-touchable skin in time for winter vacation! Schedule your appointment for XEO Laser Hair Removal at SkinCenter NOW!

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