How to Prepare for Your First Xeomin Treatment

How to Prepare for Your First Xeomin Treatment

Oct '22

Ready to say farewell to frown lines? Say hello to a neuromodulator named Xeomin that can give you the radiantly smooth skin of your dreams. Follow these steps to prepare for your first Xeomin treatment at SkinCenter.

Find a Qualified Provider

Spend sufficient time researching local providers till you find one with extensive experience and solid qualifications. Xeomin is a technique-sensitive procedure. So, it’s essential that you schedule treatment only with someone that’s licensed and thoroughly trained to perform it, like the doctors and aesthetic nurses at SkinCenter.

Schedule It Well Before an Upcoming Event

Like with other anti-aging treatments at SkinCenter, your skin will need some time to recover after a Xeomin treatment. We recommend scheduling your session no less than two weeks before a major event or upcoming vacation.

Know What to Expect During the Treatment

Gather all the details about the procedure and ask your provider any questions before the day of treatment. That way, you can relax and feel more at ease during your Xeomin session.

Because Xeomin is an injectable, you’ll likely feel a pinch when the needle goes beneath your skin. But the treatment session is short, and most clients report little to no pain with this treatment.

Still nervous about your treatment? Talk to one of our or doctors or aesthetic nurses about applying a topical numbing agent right before your procedure.

Dos and Don’ts Before the Procedure

Before your Xeomin session at SkinCenter, increase your intake of foods high in vitamin K, such as broccoli and dark leafy greens. These will help thicken your blood and lowers our risk of swelling and bruising at the injection site.

During the week before your appointment, avoid taking anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. And steer clear of aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo Biloba, and fish oil supplements. We also advise refraining from red wine, green tea, and multivitamins. These can reduce blood clotting during your Xeomin procedure and increase the chances of bruising

Arrive at your appointment makeup-free

It’s best to go without makeup on the day of your Xeomin session. This way, you won’t have to worry about your makeup when the treatment area is being wiped with an antiseptic solution.

Ready to upgrade your skin care regimen and get the smoother face that matches your youthful spirit? Book an appointment at Westchester’s best SkinCenter today!


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