Meet Makeover Winner

Meet Makeover Winner

Sep '12

Transform Your Look, Transform Your Life: We Meet Makeover Winner Christine Stelluti

When we look good, we feel good…and when we feel good, we can do anything!

The Skin Center is thrilled to participate in the Westchester Health and Life Makeover Contest (see page 38 to learn more about the contest) which began earlier this summer. Christine Stelluti – the lucky winner – is a truly lovely person. We’d like to bring you up to date with what’s happened since Christine first learned she won and how the process will progress

Initially, Christine received a Westchester cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Joseph Sozio. Like many of us who have lived full, exciting lives, time has left its mark on Christine. She has some facial wrinkles and folds, complexion issues, and unwanted facial hair that left her less than thrilled with her appearance. Dr. Sozio and Skin Center’s team of licensed aestheticians and nurses developed a plan for Christine that will improve the appearance of her skin and restore a more youthful look.

Say Hello To A More Radiant You

Rejuvenating and revitalizing the appearance painlessly treats the cumulative effects of time, stress, and the sun on the complexion. As part of her prize package, Christine will receive a series of customized facials, including microdermabrasions. These treatments improve the tone and texture of the skin, revealing the radiance beneath.

Christine will also receive laser treatment designed to reduce sun damage. Laser treatment in New York is the gold standard for sun damage mitigation, a superior choice for reducing blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Soft, Smooth, Expressive Skin: Show The World How Beautiful You Are

Two of Christine’s top concerns were fine lines and wrinkles, as well as unwanted facial hair. These are exceptionally common concerns for women and men alike. Dr. Sozio’s treatment plan includes the administration of Botox to minimize fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Botox, in the hands of a skilled clinician, results in smoother skin that more accurately represents the emotions you are feeling. After a Westchester Botox treatment, people appear younger and more energetic.

For the smile lines (also known as nasolabial folds) that frame Christine’s mouth, Dr. Sozio will use a filler such as Juvederm to naturally stimulate and replenish the collagen supply for smoother, softer skin. This same approach will be used to soften the ‘marionette lines’ that form at the corner of the mouth. Christine will also receive a subtle lip augmentation to achieve the full look that she has always wanted.

Finally, removing the unwanted hair from Christine’s upper lip and chin will be accomplished with a course of laser hair reduction treatments. Laser hair treatment in New York is safe, painless, and very effective. This is good news for the many, many women who have tried everything to get rid of stubborn facial hair.

Transformations Take Time

We’re very excited to be working with Christine as she reveals her most radiant self to the world. The process of transformation takes a little time, as we use cosmetic treatments that encourage and enhance the body’s natural systems to do their best. In the course of a few short weeks, we’ll be able to show you how well it’s worked – and we know Christine will be thrilled with the results.

Are You Ready To Make A Change In Your Life?

You can enjoy the same revitalizing, rejuvenating experience Christine is going through right now. When we look good, we feel good. Experience the boost of confidence and self-esteem that comes with knowing you look your very best. Award yourself the opportunity to feel fabulous. Schedule your consultation at our Westchester cosmetic surgery and skin care center today!

To learn more about the Westchester Health and Life Makeover Contest, view page 38 of their August 2012 digital issue.