New Peri-Oral Package

New Peri-Oral Package

Sep '12

Something To Smile About: The New Peri-Oral Package

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

A smile is the best fashion accessory: perfect for any occasion, always appropriate and always in style. But when our smiles get accessorized by fine lines and wrinkles it’s not so great. What can be done to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth?

Let us introduce to you the latest method for skin care in Westchester, the Peri-Oral package! Combining the gentle exfoliating power of microdermabrasion with an innovative technique performed by one of the Skin Center’s expert Westchester cosmetic surgery clinicians, the Peri-Oral procedure eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly reduces the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles. This approach to skin care in Westchester is key to maintaining your youthful, vital appearance.

Lines around the mouth, unfortunately, are one of those signifiers of age and experience that can make us seem older than we actually are. These lines and wrinkles form for a combination of reasons – our skin loses some natural elasticity as our body’s collagen supply replenishes itself less frequently; exposure to sun, wind, and workplace stress all take their toll. The Peri-Oral procedure counters these factors, producing noticeable results.

Let your smile be the star of the show! Researchers have long known that people who smile more are perceived to be more in control, at ease and attractive than those who don’t. Additionally, smiling has some pretty significant physical, emotional and social benefits: you’ll be in a better mood and experience less stress when you smile often. That’s good for your cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. Plus (and we have to admit that this was a different set of researchers!) it turns out that people who smile more intensely tend to have the most successful romantic relationships.

So don’t let those fine lines and wrinkles hold you back from giving the world your best smile! Schedule a consultation at our Westchester cosmetic surgery center and discover how beautiful the possibilities are!