5 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

5 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

Aug '22

As we edge into the final days of summer here in New York, it’s not too soon to start thinking about autumnal skincare. Westchester’s Best Skin Center is here to help! Here are some tips to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall.

1. Step up your moisturizer

Just as fall signals a switch from lighter clothing layers to heavier ones, this season is a great time to switch to a heavier moisturizer. SkinCenter recommends this strategy as your first line of defense for tending to your skin this autumn. A heavier moisturizer will work wonders at repairing the damages of drier, chillier air that your skin encounters as you go about your day.

But what if you have an oilier complexion? Try using a lighter moisturizer during the day and a more heavy-duty one at night. That way, you can still reap the benefits of more hydrated skin while minimizing your skin’s sebum production. Added:  Contact the skincare experts at SkinCenter for moisturizer and sunscreen product recommendations designed for your unique complexion.

2. Continue to use sunscreen

It’s common to take a break from sunscreen application during the colder months here in New York. But the SkinCenter team advises that you keep on using it. Even though there’s less UV radiation during fall than in summer, it’s still there. Help your skin stay smooth and wrinkle-free by sticking with that SPF.

3. Incorporate Vitamin C

Not only does Vitamin C help even out your skin tone, but it can complement sunscreen use by serving as an additional layer of defense against harmful sun rays. The SkinCenter team suggests adding a Vitamin C serum to your daily skincare regimen this fall.

4. Give your lips and eyes some TLC

Drier, harsher weather can do a number on your lips and on the delicate skin under your eyes. Invest in a high-quality lip moisturizer and eye cream to ease your skin’s transition from summer to fall. A lip scrub is another useful tool to add to your skincare regimen, especially if your lips tend to peel excessively in autumn.

5. Get a humidifier

Your skin constantly interacts with the air. And when that air is dry, this, in turn, can dry out your skin. A humidifier is a smart way to increase the moisture in the air around you so you can reap the rewards of more hydrated skin this fall. Consider purchasing either a whole-home humidifier or a smaller unit that you keep in your bedroom.

Contact the experts at SkinCenter for moisturizer and sunscreen product recommendations designed for your unique complexion and skincare goals. You can also schedule a microdermabrasion session to help slough off any dull summer skin and usher in a radiant fall glow to celebrate the chillier weather and vibrant foliage New York autumn brings.




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