Get Kysse-ably Soft Lips with Restylane Kysse

Get Kysse-ably Soft Lips with Restylane Kysse

Jun '21

Pucker up to get a fuller, more natural-looking pout and kysse-ably soft lips with Restylane Kysse! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this phenomenal lip filler treatment at Westchester’s Best SkinCenter.

Restylane Kysse at SkinCenter for Softer, Fuller, luscious Looking Lips

Restylane Kysse is a hyaluronic acid filler that uses Galderma’s XpresHAn (pronounced, “expression”) Technology to become one with your lips. Kysse works by binding hyaluronic acid to itself within the lips. Therefore, when you smile, talk, or kiss, the filler combines with your natural tissue to move with your lips. The best part about Restylane Kysse is not only does it look more natural (to you and everyone else)— it feels more natural, which is a value-add that’s truly priceless.

Restylane Kysse restores lost volume to the lips while providing precise shape and definition. The product contains lidocaine, which means you can enhance your pout with little to no discomfort throughout the duration of your treatment.

Restylane Kysse: Uses & Treatment Results

As Alisa Lask, the general manager and VP of the US Aesthetic Business at Galderma, shared with Allure, “Study results showed that Restylane Kysse provides lip fullness, improves the appearance of the lines above the mouth and leaves patients satisfied with their results…We found that by week eight after treatment, at least 90 percent of patients were satisfied with their lips. Specifically, with the shape of their upper and lower lips (93 percent and 95 percent, respectively).” (Source)

Restylane Kysse provides a host of benefits for those who want a plumper pout that looks and feels natural. Treatment also smooths the appearance of vertical fine lines above the upper lip (aka, perioral lines)—a concern we receive questions about often from Westchester clients.

Perhaps the best part about Restylane Kysse is how long results last. Whereas most lip fillers last approximately three to six months, Restylane Kysse has the potential to last for nearly a year, according to clinical trials.

Enhance your lips in a way that looks and feels natural to you and others with Restylane Kysse at SkinCenter! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to find out if treatment with Restylane Kysse is right for you!

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