Smooth Skin By Spring

Smooth Skin By Spring

Jan '13

What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Baseball season is coming, and Jasmina, mother of eight-year old Dylan, is worried. “I don’t want to be the mom with the mustache!” she said, almost automatically covering her mouth with her hand. “I have tried everything to get rid of these hairs, but nothing works. The wax, the creams, nothing – it is very frustrating.”

Jasmina is not alone. Stubborn, unwanted facial and body hair is a persistent problem for men and women alike. There are many over-the-counter treatments available that claim to remove or bleach unwanted hair, but the results from these products aren’t always very satisfying. For a hair removal solution that works, leaving you with smooth, silky skin you want to explore laser hair removal in Westchester.

Laser Hair Removal in Westchester: How Does It Work?

At our skin care and cosmetic surgery center in Westchester, our team of expert physicians use the LightSheer laser for hair removal purposes. This therapeutic laser safely and quickly removes hair anywhere on the body. For men, laser hair removal is most commonly used to rid the body of back and chest hair. Women find great results addressing hair around the bikini line, legs, underarms and face – a perfect solution for hair removal just in time for the more revealing styles of spring and summer.

The benefit of laser hair removal in Westchester is that laser treatment causes future hair growth to slow right down to a snail’s pace. You won’t see new growth appearing for a very long time. This makes laser treatment for unwanted body and facial hair a really smart investment from a financial perspective.

While you may feel that spring is too far off to concern yourself with such preparations, now is actually the best time to get laser hair removal in Westchester! The laser treatment requires limited exposure to the sun’s harmful rays after treatment – making it the perfect treatment for winter!

Not sure if laser treatment is right for you? We really want you to experience the life-changing, appearance-revitalizing effects of laser hair removal in Westchester. You won’t believe how confident and energized you feel when you know you look great!

Throughout the rest of this month, we’re running a special price promotion on laser hair removal in Westchester so you can give it a try. See how beautiful you can be – and never waste money again on over-the-counter creams and treatments that just don’t work. Schedule your consultation now, and you’ll have smooth, silky skin before spring!