The Evolution of Beauty Treatments, Part VII: Laser Treatments 

The Evolution of Beauty Treatments, Part VII: Laser Treatments 

Jul '20

SkinCenter’s new blog series, titled, “The Evolution of Beauty Treatments” continues with the evolution of laser treatments. Curious about the history of laser treatment and how different treatment options stack up against modern-day laser technologies? Keep reading below and learn about the best laser treatments offered right here at Westchester’s Best SkinCenter! 

What is Laser Treatment?  

Laser treatments have been around for decades and the technology continues to advance so that we can have smooth, youthful skin and be confident in our own body. Simply, laser treatments use a strong beam of light (laser) to cut, burn, ormanipulate tissue to reduce wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and skin irregularities. 

Laser Treatments: Then & Now  

Then: The history of laser treatment technologies stems all the way back to the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that big advancements were made. 

1990s: Robotic scanning devices were developed which allowed the laser beam to move across the treatment area in a precise manner. These scanners eliminated excessive tissue injury and produced a controlled wound into the epidermis and dermis to help promote collagen growth, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. However, despite the successes, there was a huge decline in these procedures due to the high occurrence of scarring and hypopigmentation. 

2004: The development of fractionated laser technology was made in 2004, which transformed our ability to treat wrinkles, skin laxity, tone, texture, scarring, etc. safely and effectively. Fractionated thermolysis creates a pattern of small laser injuries to promote wound healing and collagen production 

Now: With today’s technology, lasers and other light devices can achieve beautiful results with less downtime and with a higher level of safety. Lasers now have the ability to rejuvenate, resurface, and treat lesions of ‘types. From removing fat, reshaping bodies, removing unwanted hair, etc., laser treatments can do it all now! 

At Westchester’s Best SkinCenter, we offer top modern day treatment options such as XEO laser treatmentlaser genesislaser hair removallaser therapy for unwanted veinsskin tightening, and IPL treatment! 

Be Confident in Your Own Skin with Westchester’s Best Laser Treatment Options 

Today, there are many different laser treatment options available provided from a variety of providers, but not all are as safe as they claim. Do not take a risk on your health and instead rely on a provider who uses clinically proven laser equipment and trained professionals like SkinCenter. Transform your skin with some of the best laser treatment options at SkinCenter and embrace your beauty! Learn more about our laser treatment options today! 

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