Westchester Men Tell All: Medical Spa Treatments They Really Love 

Westchester Men Tell All: Medical Spa Treatments They Really Love 

May '19

Want to treat your favorite Dad to some great skin care this Father’s Day? Keep reading to learn which spa treatments men really love – some of the answers on this list may surprise you! 

“Laser hair removal was no doubt the best decision I ever made,” said Tony*. “It’s targeted – you want to keep your hairy chest; you keep your hairy chest – but the whole hairy arm thing? It’s nice not to have to deal with that.” 

Safe, painless hair removal for men is possible!

The XEO laser stops hair growth in the follicle, eliminating problem hair permanently. XEO Glide laser hair removal works on all skin and hair types, with individual treatment tailored to your exact needs. 

“I told the doctor I wanted my wrinkles gone, and he made it happen,” David said. “I know there was Dysport involved & another filler – it was a really quick procedure and I started to look better right away.” 

SkinCenter’s individualized approach to skin care delivers satisfying results.

Our expert physicians and cosmetic nurses eliminate fine lines and wrinkles using a variety of injectables, including Dysport, Restylane Refyne and more.   

“I had the laser treatment for my skin and I loved it,” Adam said. “I had this whole acne situation going on and some red patches on my cheeks – nothing major but I felt like people noticed it, and I didn’t like that. The acne was gone after the laser treatment. My skin wasn’t so patchy – it really boosted my confidence.” 

Laser and light treatments can be used to treat acne, eliminate problem hair growth, even the skin tone, reverse the effects of sun damage, and more.

Laser treatment is quick and virtually pain-free for the vast majority of patients.  

“Skin tightening. It sounds creepy, but it’s not,” Daniel said. “I used to be a little bigger, but then I started taking my health more serious and I lost some weight. So, I had this saggy skin on my arms and neck and some other places. I thought I was going to need plastic surgery. Thankfully, the doctor said I was a candidate for Thermage, a non-invasive treatment that really works.” 

Skin tightening can also be accomplished with laser treatments.

Most clients need a few treatment sessions to accomplish their goals. We see a consistent boost in selfconfidence and high satisfaction rates with post-treatment results 

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*Names have been changed. Everybody values privacy!  

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