What is the Difference between Sculptra and Filler?

What is the Difference between Sculptra and Filler?

Dec '22

At first look, Sculptra and cosmetic filler might seem to be the same to the untrained eye; however, there are some key differences between these treatments. Here are some of the main contrasts between Sculptra and filler to help you decide which service to choose at Westchester’s best SkinCenter.

Application Areas

Though Sculptra is effective at targeting hollows, depressions, folds, and wrinkles, it is not intended to be applied to the areas directly around the mouth or eyes. Dermal fillers can target a wider range of areas on your body and can reduce  smile lines .

How They Work

Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid that, once injected, triggers your body’s natural production of collagen. Cosmetic face fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and this gel-like substance is designed to fill in the area below your skin. While this injectable doesn’t stimulate collagen, it minimizes wrinkles. deep folds  and lines so your skin appears firmer and smoother.

Result Speed and Longevity

When you go with Sculptra, it’s worth noting that it takes time to work. That’s because it enhances your body’s natural collagen-making process. With Sculptra, you’ll notice a subtle and gradual improvement in your skin’s appearance with results that can last two years or more. Though, it can take up to two months to start noticing significant results.

By contrast, a filler delivers faster results. However, a filler’s results typically last in the 6- to 12-month timeframe. So, you’ll need more frequent touch-ups to maintain your look.

Both Sculptra and filler are two effective solutions we offer at SkinCenter to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Depending on your skin’s condition, your desired results, and other factors, our providers will formulate a customized treatment plan that’s right for you. Contact us at SkinCenter to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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