A Woman’s Touch

A Woman’s Touch

Feb '15

A Woman’s Touch: Westchester Cosmetic Nurses

At SkinCenter in Hartsdale, a women’s touch is at your fingertips. SkinCenter’s Cosmetic Nurses, Grace Solak, RN and Kathleen Madigan, RN are in-house female experts on aesthetics and have become an integral part of the highly credentialed professional team at our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Center.

Both are licensed registered nurses with combined experience of 16 years in the aesthetic field. SkinCenter reports that the nurses are as likely to be requested to administer non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers and lasers as any of the doctors. And with good reason! Ms. Solak and Ms. Madigan are certified in and experienced with all types of Westchester fillers and injectable treatments such as Juvederm, Restylane, Botox and Dysport as well as advanced skin tightening procedures like Thermage and medical lasers.

Though a growing percentage of SkinCenter’s clientele are men interested in anti-aging or improving their appearance, the majority are still women. And as women, our Cosmetic nurses feel that looking young isn’t as important to women today as and looking the age that they feel and looking great for their age, not despite of it. Perhaps their unique perspective contributes to their talent in facial artistry.

Most insurance companies consider many of the treatments at SkinCenter to be cosmetic enhancements, and therefore they are often uncovered. Nonetheless, they can make a world of difference, both physically and emotionally. Grace Solak, RN comments that many patients share with her that a change in their appearance makes for “added confidence, increased emotional well-being and results in superior physical well-being.” What could be better than that?!

Whether you’re interested in Westchester skin rejuvenation, giving your lips a more voluminous look or taking five years off your appearance, SkinCenter invites you to experience our unique approach to skin care, now with a woman’s touch!

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