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How to Stop Worrying About Problem Hair Growth & Enjoy Life More

  • Do you choose your clothes based on how much skin they show?
  • Have you ever had an event ruined for you because you discovered you missed one (or more!) stubborn hairs after you arrived?
  • Would you like to eliminate the time-consuming, frustrating task of shaving and waxing from your beauty routine?

Laser hair removal is the answer. You can have smooth, soft, touchable skin. You can eliminate the stress and worry that comes with problem hair growth from your life. Here’s what you need to know:

XEO laser Hair Removal works by reducing growth at the source

By using targeted light energy to reduce hair growth in the follicle, the XEO laser offers satisfying lasting results. Improvement can be seen after a single treatment, and most people are completely satisfied with four treatments or less.

If you don’t like pain, you’ll love the XEO laser

Let’s be real: hair removal can be painful. Waxing hurts, and shaving can mean cuts and razor burn. Either way, it’s not an enjoyable experience. The XEO laser gets rid of the hair without the pain. Laser Hair Removal with XEO takes place in our comfortable Westchester facility, where you’ll enjoy the spa-like ambiance and our friendly team of physicians and clinicians. 

XEO Laser Hair Removal is convenient

We’ve heard repeatedly from our clients who have busy schedules that they appreciate being able to get lasting results in a short period of time. If you’d like to have silky smooth skin for an upcoming vacation getaway, give us a call: we’ll let you know when to schedule your hair removal treatment for best results.

XEO Laser Hair Removal is safe and effective

The XEO laser can be used to remove hair from all parts of your body, including your face, legs, underarms, back, and sensitive areas. Our expert team uses the XEO laser with pinpoint precision to reduce problem hair growth from your life.

Are you ready to stop worrying about problem hair growth?

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn what your options are. You can have smooth, soft, touchable skin!

Contact us to find out how!

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