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Resolve to Have Sensational Skin this Year with SkinCenter’s Beauty Guide!

SkinCenter Calendar of Beauty 2017

2017 is fresh and new. If you are determined to set (and keep) your skin care goals this year, SkinCenter has a Calendar of Beauty just for you. Twelve months means twelve new chances to look your very best! January The key to keeping your facial skin bright and your complexion clear is exfoliation. Try… Continue Reading »

The Skin You’re Sleeping In

Pillow Talk: Make The Right Bedtime Choices for Beautiful Skin As Westchester’s skin care experts, we answer a lot of questions about what people can do to keep their complexion looking radiant. A healthy diet, proper hydration, and the use of appropriate sun screen and moisturizing products are all examples of ways to care for… Continue Reading »

Your Neck: The Part of Your Body You Probably Never Noticed Until Now

Woman with dangling Earrings and a beautiful neck

Nora Ephron once wrote, “Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five.” This is particularly true of our necks. There’s a muscular structure known as the platysmal bands that connects your collarbone to your chin; as we get older, these… Continue Reading »

These 5 Common Beauty Treatments Can Make You More Likeable

A research team composed of top professionals from George Washington University and Mercy Medical Hospital investigated how five common facial enhancement procedures impacted the patient’s quality of life.  Their results were eye-opening. In addition to the expected result – that eyebrow lifts, facelifts, and similar treatments make people look younger – patients reported significant improvement… Continue Reading »

Did You Know These 4 Fantastic Facts About SkinCenter?

Man with Clear Skin at the Beach

We Have a Fully Accredited Operating Room On Site Right Here in Westchester The Skin Center has a fully accredited advanced plastic surgery O.R. on site right here in Westchester. Fully accredited by the AAAASF and outfitted with the latest equipment and our team of expert plastic surgeons,  surgical nurses, anesthetists and other clinical staff,… Continue Reading »

Research Shows

Get the Look You've Been Wishing for with Westchester Cosmetic Surger

Research Shows: Looking Good is the Key to Feeling Great “The evidence is pretty strong that people who improve their appearance tend to feel better about themselves,” says David Sarwer, a Penn associate professor of psychology in psychiatry and surgery and one of the nation’s leading experts on physical appearance. His work centers on the… Continue Reading »