These 5 Common Beauty Treatments Can Make You More Likeable

These 5 Common Beauty Treatments Can Make You More Likeable

Jun '15

A research team composed of top professionals from George Washington University and Mercy Medical Hospital investigated how five common facial enhancement procedures impacted the patient’s quality of life.  Their results were eye-opening. In addition to the expected result – that eyebrow lifts, facelifts, and similar treatments make people look younger – patients reported significant improvement in four key areas: social skills, attractiveness, femininity and likeability.

Understanding the Impact of Likeability on our Personal and Professional Lives

As we head into a presidential election season, you’ll hear the political pundits talk about likeability a lot. Likeability is hugely important in political campaigns for a reason: all things being equal, people will give their votes to the candidate that they like the most.

Likeability is defined as being pleasing to others. Likeable people often find it easy to form friendships; other people enjoy spending time with them. There are obvious personal and professional advantages that come with likeability; in some ways, it’s a real competitive advantage for both men and women. Likeability derives from a combination of factors, including one’s personality and one’s physical appearance.

The Beauty Treatments That Make A Real Difference

The five plastic surgery & beauty treatments that the research team studied were eyebrow lift, neck lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chin implants and facelifts. What do all these treatments have in common? For the most part, they center around the parts of our appearance people tend to pay the most attention to: the eyes and the smile.

The researchers focused their studies on cosmetic surgery procedures.  However, it’s important to understand that there are minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment options available that address the same areas. Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Voluma and the newly available Restylayne Silk and other injectable products are top treatments to restore lost volume and eliminate wrinkles. These options allow you to experience the same likeability boost with less downtime. Talk to your SkinCenter physician to find out the best Westchester plastic surgery and/or non-surgical treatments to meet your beauty goals today.

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