Treating Acne

Treating Acne

Nov '12

Treating Acne (& Angst) At its Source

“I liked being a teenager, but I would not go back for all the tea in China.” – Rob Lowe

The teenage years are hard enough. How many of you would choose to be 16 again? Most people, when asked if they’d like to go back in time to adolescence would respond, “Not a chance!” It’s a difficult time of maturity and development – often times, the teenage years are plagued with awkward growth phases that can shake their confidence and make them feel unsure of themselves. Add acne into the mix, and you have a sure-fire recipe for teenage angst.

The best parents of teenagers are those who shower their offspring with love and compliments to boost their confidence – one Bronxville mother, a regular client at our skincare and cosmetic surgery center in Westchester, took the gift of confidence to the next level by bringing her 16-year old daughter in to treat her acne. The young girl worked with Dr. Sozio, one of our Westchester cosmetic surgery center’s skilled physicians, to develop a treatment plan that would work for her unique skincare needs. They decided on acne laser treatment in New York. The treatment plan they chose was a series of six acne laser treatments, one every three weeks. Dr. Sozio assured the teenager that acne laser treatment in New York is safe and helps to get to the root of the problem,treating acne at its source. In addition, Dr. Sozio’s staff of licensed aestheticians taught the young girl proper skincare habits to better avoid break outs in the future.

Though apprehensive at first, the teenager soon felt comfortable in the skilled hands of Dr. Sozio and right at home in the calming atmosphere of our skincare and cosmetic surgery center in Westchester. By helping to reduce the appearance of the young girl’s acne, Dr. Sozio gave her the gift of renewed confidence – helping her to realize her true beauty, both inside and outside!

Read more about this story of a young girl’s road from teenage angst to glowing beauty in the December issue of Westchester Magazine. View a PDF of the article here.

Remember, acne is not just a problem for adolescents; it’s also a common problem among adults, and many of the treatment options are the same. If you struggle with acne, or you have a teenager who does, schedule a consultation to learn your treatment options.