Forever Young: How Skin Prejuvenation Protects Your Beauty for Years to Come

Forever Young: How Skin Prejuvenation Protects Your Beauty for Years to Come

Aug '20

Let’s go back in time for a moment: Can you remember being asked as a child what you wanted to be when you grew up? Here at SkinCenter, we’re willing to bet that “wrinkled” didn’t quite make the cut— nor would it be a likely response today. This is why our skin care experts work hard to provide the Westchester area with effective, cutting-edge skin rejuvenating treatments and technologies that turn beauty into something eternal.  

At SkinCenter, we believe that biological aging is a natural part of life, but visible signs of aging don’t have to be. Benjamin Franklin once posited, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”—and according to the sizable uptick in our client base over the last few years, it seems the majority of Westchester adults within their 20s and 30s would agree. Keep reading to learn more… 

Treat Now, Reap Later. Meet: Skin Prejuvenation 

Today’s most popular – and arguably most proactive – approach to skin care serves as a call to arms for young adults everywhere; challenging them to take proactive measures against skin aging now to preserve the integrity of their skin later. 

Skin prejuvenation is the act of treating one’s skin in a way that promises to reap beauty benefits for decades to comeand it’s more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. Similar to how multivitamins work to prevent against poor health, skin prejuvenation makes it possible to maintain youthful, radiant skin later in life by receiving treatments that correct, protect and defend against common signs of aging now. 

Common skin prejuvenating treatments include: 

With Westchester clients aged 30 and under booking more skin prejuvenation treatments now than ever before, we urge you not to fall behind. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today and be on your way to preserving the integrity of your skin for years to come. 

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