A Feast for Your Skin: 4 Laser Treatments to Try Before Thanksgiving

A Feast for Your Skin: 4 Laser Treatments to Try Before Thanksgiving

Oct '19

SkinCenter’s XEO Laser is a multifaceted laser device that performs a host of effective treatments for your skin. Keep reading to explore how XEO Laser can provide a feast for your skin this Thanksgiving season…

Say Goodbye to Turkey Neck, Brown Spots, & Signs of Skin Damage with XEO Limelight

Let’s talk turkey. This bird is an integral part of any Thanksgiving meal— and on your plate is exactly where it belongs.

You’ve probably seen, or perhaps have even experienced for yourself, the skin condition often referred to as “turkey neck”. Turkey neck is what years of sun exposure can do to the skin on the face, neck, and décolleté area. The sun’s UV rays perpetuate the aging process— leaving the skin with brown spots, an uneven skin tone, and a crepe-like appearance.

Say goodbye to turkey neck and other skin conditions caused by sun damage with XEO Limelight! XEO Limelight is the XEO laser device’s IPL treatment component that works by effectively targeting and correcting signs of premature aging on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Treatment takes about 20 mins (or less), and results are noticeable after just one treatment. Sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with youthful, radiant skin this holiday season—compliments of XEO Limelight at SkinCenter!

A Feast for the Skin with Collagen: XEO Laser Genesis

Speaking of turkey, did you know that the protein found in turkey can help to restore firmness to the skin? Byrdie states that cranberries, sweet potatoes and spinach are all healthy Thanksgiving foods that your skin can benefit from as well!

If combating the signs of premature aging is on your list of skin concerns this holiday season, you’ll want to schedule an appointment for XEO Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis works to stimulate your body’s natural ability to produce collagen. It also works to sooth dilated capillaries—resulting in a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Erase Spider Veins & Vascular Lesions with XEO Vascular

With colder weather officially on its way, now is the perfect time to leave unwanted spider veins and other vascular lesions behind. XEO Vascular—non-invasive treatment option for removing non-bulging veins on the face, legs, and body. The majority of our Westchester clients see improvement in the unsightly appearance of mild to moderate spider veins in just one treatment!

If you’re interested in receiving vein treatment with XEO Vascular, autumn and winter are the best times of the year to receive treatment. This is because after treatment, you’ll need to avoid exposing your skin to the sun, as it can lead to discoloration of the treatment area. So, don’t wait— schedule your appointment for XEO Vascular treatment with SkinCenter ASAP!

XEO Glide Laser Hair Removal for Smooth, Touchable Skin

For smoother, softer, more touchable skin, turn to XEO for Laser Hair Removal. XEO Glide stops hair growth where it starts— inside the follicle. Laser hair removal treatment with XEO Glide can be performed on all skin types and textures – including tanned skin!

Our experts recommend beginning laser hair removal treatment at SkinCenter at this time of year, in order to enjoy hair-free skin on the face and body during spring break and summer vacation. Put an end to problem hair growth today with XEO Glide!

Not Sure Which Treatment Is Right for You?

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